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To feel live connection with the Bible land

Personal.  Deep.  Authentic.

The places and stories of the Bible are revived! You are invited to personally visit a home in Israel's biblical heartland which will enable you to experience the connection between biblical times and present day life. From a brief session, including local semerian herb tea or coffee and cake till a full day of experiences

Bat Mitzvah?Bar Mitzvah?

Make it meaningful!

At the age when a boy or girl shape their identity and deepen their connection to the roots of their nation, come experience an inspiring personal encounter about the places where the nation's forefathers marched and the connection to our generation.

Jewish Holiday Encounter

Come experience the Jewish holidays in an authentic family atmosphere. Get to know the special customs, unique foods, and deep ideas of the Jewish holidays.

Full day of experiences!

ceramics, ancient crafts, music workshop with ethnic musical instruments, horseback riding. 

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