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ROOTS IL was born on the hills of Samaria near

Binyamin and its field of practice are the encounters between Bible stories and our reality today. Places, stories, and events are resurrected through digital courses and home hosting.

Idit Levinger, who holds a master's degree in contemporary Judaism at the Hebrew University and is a graduate of Orthodox “Beit Midrash”, operates the business and the website. She was born in Samaria and lives the place, submitting her piece of life and sharing with you the experiences of the place - first hand.

Get to know me a little more ...


Shalom !

My name is Idit Levinger,

married to Yisrael and the mother of five lovely children.

I have varied academic training - in social work (B.A.) and contemporary Judaism (M.A.) and I am a graduate of high Judaic studies in the fields of Bible, Midrash, ancient and modern Jewish philosophy.

For years I have been teaching Judaism and the Bible, formally and informally, including courses in the summer programs of the Rotberg School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

I love people, I love books, I love the land of Benjamin in which I was born and raised, the layout of the mountains, landscapes, vines, olives, and even the thorns and boulders. I like to stand on my porch and see Jerusalem on one side and the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea on the other side.

I enjoy going out for sunset walks in the mountains around my settlement, seeing the amazing view and feeling that every stone and every mountain tell me a story. A story of the biblical figures who walked here, a story of the roots of a nation and individuals, a story of people who returned to their land and revived life in the places where the patriarchs walked.

I like to talk about deep topics, trying to convey the complete experience of the connection to the past with meaning to everyday life, by the means of a personal meeting or a digital course.

I invite you to connect to my content and other topics that interest you in my digital courses or in a unique personalized visit. For the various options click here.

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Waiting for you!

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