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Abraham - walk the path and be blessed!

Mount Hatzor, Samaria, Israel.jpg

The first message Abraham hears from God is to walk: Go! where?

First thing - go to yourself, to your inner truth. Leave everything that is known, the expectations of the society around you, the values ​​that are not right for you. Go, to a land...unknown! A "land that I will show thee" (Genesis 12:1). Abraham goes, but not alone. Every place he goes he calls out the name of the Lord and connects more people to his ideas. He keeps the commandment "and be thou a blessing" - he has a message to the world, and he distributes it. He himself is the blessing, bringing values of truth, grace, and faith. It is not easy to go against the flow, against what is acceptable, and cling to what you believe, but that is what Abraham teaches us.

He arrives in the land of Canaan, and after passing through Nablus, he reaches a high mountain east of Beit El. Wow, there is an amazing view! He can see the whole country! The Mediterranean Sea, Jordan Valley, and even Mount Hermon on the horizon.

Abraham stands on the mountain, watching the whole land, and there he receives the promise to be bound to this land for generations: "For all the land which you can see shall be given to you and to your offspring forever".

He did not remain passive. He was called to do an act of "get up and walk in the land long and wide." Keep walking, be on the move, and always - with your inner truth.

This mountain is a real mountain. After thousands of years of exile, I was privileged to live and raise my children right next to it, telling my children the story of Abraham whenever I see the landscape that he saw with his eyes. This is Mount Baal Hatzor in Samaria, which offers an amazing view – almost of all of Israel.

If you also want a picture of the view from Mount Hatzor that Avraham saw with his own eyes, with a flock of sheep that blends into the landscape - just like Avraham's herd, feel free to click and order a beautiful and significant biblical painting from the Holy Land, Israel bible land.

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