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Bat / Bar Mitzvah – connect to the roots of your nation!

A  spiritual journey in the footsteps of the Avot 

At the age when a boy or girl shape their identity and deepen their connection to the roots of their nation, come experience an inspiring personal encounter about the places where the nation's forefathers marched, about the connection to our generation, about the renewed settlements in the Biblical heartland and about dealing with the crises along the way. Come and experience in the old way: face-to-face meeting, without screens!

it is recommended to combine additional experiences - creative workshops, music and ancient crafts, horse riding and add additional value by volunteering at a second-hand store, or baking cakes for soldiers that arrive to the "Pina Chama" - a hospitality center that provides  relaxed atmosphere with light food and drinks for active-duty Israeli soldiers.

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