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"Kinneret" - The Sea of Galilee


I am yours, and you are mine, Kinneret, Kinneret, my beloved .." (Old Hebrew Song from 1942. Lyrics: Mordechai Honig. Composer: John Stepan Zamecnik)

The only and favorite lake of fresh water in Israel, to which the streams from the Golan Heights and the Galilee flow, is now overflowing!

The connection to the Kinneret (Sea of ​​Galilee) is almost personal. In Israel, a country with so little water, you can almost measure the national mood according to the Sea of ​​Galilee, and in the news they announce how many inches the Sea of ​​Galilee goes up or down every day ...

This week, on a trip to the north, we went to see our beautiful Kinneret, to enjoy and thank God for a rainy year, a quantity of water that has not been seen here for many years. The water level rose until the beaches and trees disappeared in the water ...

The Kinneret appears in the Bible within the borders of the land of Canaan, (Numbers 34, 11), within the borders of which the nine and a half tribes are required to conquer from the Canaanites, and then again in the Book of Joshua.

In the Aramaic translations of the Bible, the Uncles translation and the Jonathan translation, Kinneret is translated as "Yamat Ginosar" (Sea of Genosar), probably because "Kinar" was the name of an idol in whose temple was a musical instrument by that name, so they did not want it to be mentioned. Other reasons for the name "Kinneret" mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud are that its fruit are as sweet as the "Kinor" = violin in Hebrew , but then Kinor was like a harp, or in a different version – that its fruit are as sweet as the fruit of the "kinar" tree (probably the Jujube tree of today).

In the picture - Twilight at Ginosar Beach

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